Android TV vs TV box

At the I/O meeting in 2014, Google propelled Android television. It's a framework that arranges your substance into one stage for simple association and seeking – including Google's own particular voice look usefulness. You can discover about the official Android television here.

In the event that that sounds recognizable, it should.

Android television is Google's endeavor to run your media center point. We've seen comparable endeavors throughout the years from Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (Playstation and associated Blu-beam players), Roku, Amazon, Apple, and the rundown continues endlessly. Android television is the second endeavor from Google in this space from Google – the third in the event that you tally the Chromecast. Google television, which was their first endeavor at decision your lounge room, yet never truly got on.

The contrast between Android television and an Android television box, lies in the working framework itself. Android television is an uncommon adaptation of the center Android OS. Android television can't run each application, in any event not without establishing your gadget. Yet, the applications that it can run are particularly intended to be kept running on your TV as opposed to a touchscreen.

For what reason is that critical? All things considered, lets utilize Netflix for instance. In the event that you've utilized Netflix on your cell phone or tablet, at that point you'll swiped here and there to look through the rundown of classifications. When you found what sort of motion picture you're searching for, you can swipe left or appropriate to perceive what's in that kind.

How precisely do you swipe on your Television?

In this way, the Netflix Android television application was developed from the beginning utilize the remote control as opposed to a touchscreen. It's the same for each other Android television application.

What's the catch? You can just get Android television on a higher-end, more up to date Shrewd television, say 2015 and later. It's likewise accessible on a bunch of top of the line television boxes like the NVIDIA Shield.

Not every person can manage the cost of another top of the line television or need something as ground-breaking as the Shield. Android television boxes offer comparable execution, less a couple of highlights, for a small amount of the cost.

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